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Why Listen to Me?

That’s a legit question.

Here’s what people have said about my work over the past 15 years:

  • “Lisbeth Darsh is hilarious and brilliant.”Driven Mind Training

  • "I love the succinctness, clarity, and creativity of Lisbeth’s writing. The wisdom and relatability of what she’s saying resonates often with me. (Except for the dating women part, Lol I’m gay in the other direction).” – Tim Chan, CA

  • “I love Lisbeth Darsh. She is tough, positive, and thought-provoking.”Reddit Poster

  • Lisbeth Darsh has a way of putting into words what we all need to hear.”Vancouver, BC

  • “Lisbeth Darsh might be one of my favorite writers. Whether it’s life, love, or lifting, she just knows the right words.” Wildomar, California

  • “Motivation, inspiration and common-sense wisdom spoken with a clear, compassionate voice … The essays are generally brief, but will keep you thinking for hours.” – Amazon Reader

  • “One of my favorite writers, she has the ability to sum up everyone's thoughts and feelings in 250 words or less.” – CrossFit 1Force

  • “Lisbeth lives in my head and translates my thoughts into cohesive and meaningful words that I can then act on or contemplate. I don’t know how she does it. She just does.”Parker, Colorado

  • “Her writing is insightful, direct, funny, poignant and will stay in your head and heart long after you’ve finished reading. She is a master of her craft.” - Amazon Reader

  • “Ooooh, Lisbeth is scrumptious.” — Cate Blanchett (Okay, I totally made this one up.)

People have called me a thought leader, an industry icon, and a legend (yeah, that’s a stretch?), but maybe my favorite thing is what Stone Coast CrossFit wrote:

“Lisbeth Darsh is funny, searingly honest, and says all the things we wish we could find the words to say.”

My work has been read by millions of people and I am grateful.

And this Substack newsletter is where all my newest work lives.

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Author. Also queer-veteran-mom-deadlift aficionado. I say things out loud that maybe I shouldn't.